USATV LLC was established in 2008 by Vaagn Sarkissian in Los Angeles California. It has quickly grown to become Media balding, witch owns and operates USArmenia TV and preparing english language 24/7 HD new channel, USA10TV to launch fall of 2013. USA10TV will be full format television channel, with variety of programming, from news and information to entertainment programs, talk shows, television series and children programming.


Americas largest Armenian television
The first and the only Armenian Full HD 1080i broadcast station.

From its launch in the United States, USArmenia Television Network became the leading source of news and entertainment for the large Armenian American community, and, according to Nielsen ratings, USArmenia TV maintains a dominant share of the Armenian American television audience. From its state of the art facilities in Los Angeles , CA, USArmenia TV is broadcast in both HD and conventional formats 24 hours a day via its own and main channel 10.1 Los Angeles and an ever-expanding number of cable, satellite, open broadcasting, and Internet networks. USArmenia TV is also a leader in implementing emerging interactive broadcasting technologies, including applications for mobile devices like IPhones, IPads, and Android enabled devices, as well as a number of Smart TV systems. Viewers across the United States, Canada and Mexico can access USArmenia TV on multiple platforms free of charge.

USArmenia HD is available only on KIIO channel 10.1, 24/7 in highest 1080i television standard.

USArmenia TV is broadcasting its SD channel on its main network, KIIO channel 10.2.

At the heart of USArmenia TV success is high quality programming, most of which is produced by USArmenia TV and its affiliates in the Armenia TV global enterprise. A wide variety of shows, series and films, all produced at the highest international standards, appeal to a wide variety of viewers. According to Nielsen ratings, USArmenia TV is so popular that in may cities in California, the USArmenia TV channel is consistently ranked among the ten highest rated channels, with ratings competitive with even the largest national networks. As a result of its success, USArmenia TV has grown to be number one Armenian television network worldwide.

USArmenia TV is continuously reinvesting is profits to expand its network and to improve the quality of it facilities, broadcasting and programming. USArmenia TV, with studios and offices at 18751 Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles CA, is capable to produce large format television shows, formats, concerts etc. With over 20,000 square feet of new, state of the art studios and post-production facilities, USArmenia TV will be working even harder to meet the needs of its ever- growing base of loyal viewers, both in the United States and around the globe.

USArmenia TV is the channel of all Armenians.

BEST TV is one of the most watched Armenian Television network in USA. Its unique concept of determining and acquiring best quality of Armenian language programming from around the world, made this channel really one stop best Armenian content distribution hub. Viewers, can watch and enjoy their beloved shows and programs from deferent and most successful Armenian channels. BEST TV is permanently researching and contracting best Armenian content from Television channels from Armenia , Europe and USA, as well as working directly with independent production companies and content distributors. BEST TV is 24/7 channel, broadcasting on KIIO channel 10.3.


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